1.Is the item I'm purchasing authentic?
Yes. We only sell 100% original and accessories. We take great measures to assure items sold are 100% authentic.You can verify this product in your local shoppe after you receive. We promise, if is fake, we will give you ten times compensation of the amount you buy.
2.How could you sell these items for such a low price?
Most authorized dealers have a markup of 50% - 100% on any given products. They need to do this because an average store only sells one or two big ticket items per day. We have a very large volume of sales, and therefore a small margin on any given item. We purchase in very large quantities at significantly discounted prices, and sell in large quantities online.
4.Do I have to pay sales tax if I order online?
No sales tax is assessed on items shipping outside of China. Only items which ship within China will be subject to a 4.50% sales tax.
5.How soon will my order ship?
All In Stock items will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Orders placed through DHL or FedEx Shopping result in expedited processing and typically ship within 1 business day. For items which are not in stock, the item page will indicate an estimated lead time for shipping
6.How much do I have to pay for shipping?
All orders in excess of $500 will receive FREE Overnight Shipping within the 50 United States. We also offer FREE International Shipping on items over $500. All items below $500 ship free of charge within the 50 United States via FedEx Express Saver. For international orders below $500, there is a $25 fee for standard international shipping via FedEx.
7.Which forms of payment do you accept?
For orders below $10,000, the only acceptable forms of payment are bank wire transfer, or Western Union.
8.How can I get a 5% discount on my purchase?
The 5% discount applies to all watches priced below $6,000 that are shipping within the 50 United States. Payment must be submitted via check, bank wire transfer, or Western Union to receive the discount